WGBH Social Media Goals and Practices



Social media is an increasingly important resource for advancing WGBH’s mission of educating, inspiring, entertaining our audiences and celebrating the diverse perspectives our content encourages.

Social media can help foster vibrant communities and encourage open dialogue, directly supporting WGBH’s commitment to treating people not as spectators but as active participants.


The WGBH Commitment to Social Media

Social media is changing the way we work and offering a new model to engage with viewers, listeners, supporters, colleagues, and the world at large. These interactions can help WGBH brands and employees build stronger, more meaningful relationships with the communities we serve, here in New England, across the nation and around the world.

WGBH is committed to embracing social media

• Official WGBH social media accounts are identified at wgbh.org/socialmedia

• WGBH makes every effort to respond to users tweets, posts, comments and suggestions on social media platforms.

• Tweets and posts from WGBH employees’ personal accounts do not necessarily reflect the views of WGBH.

WGBH Social Media Goals

Our goals are as follows:

1. Engage more people in our educational mission; make our organization and its work more accessible.

2. Speak with our authentic voice as the WGBH community.

3. Empower WGBH employees to become better ambassadors for public media and its programs and services.

4. Emphasize community engagement over marketing and promotion.

5. Facilitate innovation, creativity, and a diversity of viewpoints.

6. Embrace meaningful two-way relationships with our audiences.

7. Preserve the integrity and brand of WGBH by being responsive to the needs of the many communities we serve.

8. Equip WGBH employees with the training they need to use social media effectively.

9. Encourage WGBH project and production teams to develop long-term strategies for their use of social media, abetted but not defined by numbers of followers and friends.