A Conversation with The Interrupters

Feb. 15, 2012


Ameena Matthews, Steve James and Ed Powell from StreetSafe at WGBH for the screening and discussion of FRONTLINE’s film, THE INTERRUPTERS (premiered on WGBH Tues, 2/14 at 9pm).

An "interrupter", as you may have learned in last night's episode of Frontline, tries to stop the urban cycle of violence by identifying those most likely to commit violent acts and “interrupting” them before they happen.

Last week at the WGBH studios at One Guest Street in Boston, Chicago-based “violence interrupter” Ameena Matthews participated in a panel discussion, hosted by 89.7 reporter Phillip Martin.  After the event, she went out with several of StreetSafe Boston’s “street workers” to see firsthand how Boston approaches this work.

Today at 1 p.m.,  Ameena and other guests participated in a live chat about the film, and about the larger topic of urban street violence that it addresses. The host for the live chat on Fronline is New York Times reporter Jason Deparle.

Visit Frontilne for more information:  Live Chat: Can the Cycle of Violence be "Interrupted"?

See the chat below:
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