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A New Look For The Tax Code

By Kara Miller

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Well, it’s tax season. But today we step away from Turbo Tax, H&R Block, and quandaries about what we should deduct so we can ask a bigger question:

The game of Monopoly has a much simpler tax code than the American taxation system. (Images_of_money via Flickr)

Does our tax system make any sense?

Warren Buffett famously discusses how he pays much less, as a percentage, than his secretary -- leading President Obama to call for a "Buffett Rule" that would prevent it.

But how else could our tax system improve? What reinventions -- big and small -- could put our system in check?

We ask two top economists -- one from the Clinton administration, and one from the Bush Administration -- how we can rexamine and reinvent this tax system.


  • Jonathan Gruber, professor of economics, MIT; former deputy assistant secretary for economic policy for the Clinton Administration

  • Matthew Weinzierl, assistant professor of business administration, Harvard Business School; former staff economist, Bush Administration

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