After Another Storm, It's Shovel Vs. Snowplow

By Jess Bidgood

Jan. 27, 2010

BOSTON — Although snow from Thursday morning’s storm has long stopped falling, the foot of white stuff that dropped from the sky overnight is still clogging up roads and sidewalks – and leading to a bit of a contest between shovelers and snowplows.

The snow has to go somewhere. (Jess Bidgood/WGBH)

 Many streets where cars park on both sides of the road are almost too narrow to pass through, because huge snow piles are forcing cars to park far from the curb. The owners of those cars have to shovel themselves out – and the snow has to go somewhere.
Stan Koty, the Department of Public Works commissioner for Somerville, told WGBH's Emily Rooney that’s creating a problem for the rest of the street.
“All of our roads were wide open this morning,” Koty said. “Residents have managed to make them white again, throwing snow back on the roads.”
Koty said he’ll send plows back out to clear roads again Thursday afternoon. “(They’ll) push the snow back as best they can and once again reopen the roadways.”
Which will presumably mean drivers will have to shovel again --- and they'll have to put that snow somewhere.
Koty said he hopes to put an end to some of the the back-and-forth when snow removal efforts begin, which he hopes can happen before Monday.

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