Analyzing the State's New Budget

By Bob Seay

June 9, 2012

patrick signs FY 13 budget

Gov. Deval Patrick signs the fiscal year 2013 state budget on July 8, 2012. (Eric Haynes/Governor's Office)

BOSTON — On Beacon Hill, there's legislative pushback on the state's new budget. Soon after Gov. Deval Patrick vetoed funding for the aging Taunton State Hospital, lawmakers lined up calling for an override of that veto.

For perspective on the budget and what's behind conservative criticism of Mitt Romney, Morning Edition host Bob Seay spoke to Maurice Cunningham, chair of political science at UMass Boston to analyze not only the hospital move but Patrick's stands on immigration and his ability as a manager.

"The vetos are relatively minor," Cunningham said. "This is part of the back-and-forth of governing in Massachusetts."

He added that Patrick remains a compelling prospect nationally for 2016.

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