Best Sports Moments Of 2010

In 2010, Bill Belichick traded Randy Moss and retooled the Patriot's offense.

It's truly is a golden era for Boston sports fans. Despite the lack of a championship in 2010, all four major sports teams are competing at the highest of levels. Here are a few of the most memorable sports moments of the year, both here in Boston and beyond.

Steve Safran, editor of Lost Remote

Red Sox Recovery: After a season full of injuries and exposed weaknesses, the Sox brass have made great pick-ups; Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Bobby Jenks, Dan Wheeler among them, For the first time in memory, they've outfoxed the Yanks.

Bob Ryan and Greg Lee debate how much better the Red Sox are with Carl Crawford.
(By Alan Miller, Globe Staff)


Patriots Coach Bill Belichik: He let whiny Randy Moss leave and actually made the team better by changing its game. It's the equivalent of the Sox dumping Nomar in 2004. Randy wore out his welcome in Minneapolis in two games, and (as of this writing) still hasn't won a game with the Titans.

Boston Sports Fans Win: We've seen the start of, the rise of 98.5 The Sport Hub radio, and the overhaul of into a sports reporting force all its own.

The Winter Classic: The Bruins hosted hockey at Fenway at the beginning of the year, and the game against the Flyers was great.

That Unbelievable Wimbeldon Match: At the 2010 Wimbleton Championships, John Isner beat the French qualifier Nicolas Mahut in the longest match in tennis history. The final final tiebreaker, 70-68, happened after 11 hours over the course of three days.

Shaq Comes To Boston: He instantly becomes fixture in the city by being so accessible.

Shaquille O'Neal, in tie and tails, makes his conducting debut leading
the Boston Pops Orchestra and Tanglewood Festival Chorus in "Sleigh Ride."

The Stolen No Hitter: Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga had a perfect game stolen from him on what should have been the final out, due to a bad call by umpire Jim Joyce. Galarraga took it in stride, and Joyce admitted he blew the call.

The Fighter: WCVB's Bob Halloran wrote the book upon which the movie The Fighter is based, giving boxer Micky Ward (and Boston) major national attention.

The Vancouver Olympics: Remember them? With the torch lighting fiasco? Name one winner apart from Lindsay Vonn... I dare you.

"The Decision": LeBron James's announcement show on ESPN that showed bad taste on just so many levels.

Brett Favre: Favre's time with the Minnesota Vikings is just sad. It's like seeing Babe Ruth in his Boston Braves uniform. Oh, and the sexting. The Minneapolis Dome Collapse is a perfect metaphor for Favre.

Bob Lobel, The Emily Rooney Show's Monday Morning Quaterback contributor

Tiger Woods: The one and only national story. After his transgressions, he goes winless in 2010

Lebron James and "The Decision" on ESPN

Ending weeks of silence and drama, LeBron James said that he decided to join the Miami Heat and leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Michael Vick returns to chants of MVP. This is the dilemma of the year. Forgive? Or not forgive.

George Steinbrenner dies. Yankees front office loses some direction including a clunky contract negotiation with face of the franchise Derek Jeter.

Pats Trade Randy Moss and re-tool offense. Oh by the way they get a 3rd round pick when they gave up a 4th rounder to get him.

Bruins Lose Game 7 at home after leading 3 games to none and leading 3 to nothing in that 7th game.

Celtics Lose Game 7 of the NBA Finals to the Lakers after leading in the 4th quarter.

Red Sox Spend Millions despite buying premier league soccer team in Liverpool.

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