Boston Bans Smoking In Public Housing

By Cristina Quinn

Oct. 13, 2011

BOSTON — The Boston Housing Authority is preparing to implement a smoke-free policy on all of its properties. As of September 2012, public housing residents will no longer be allowed to smoke in their units or in the common areas.

Lydia Agro of the Boston Housing Authority says enforcing it shouldn’t be too difficult. The vast majority of the housing authority’s residents are in favor of the smoking ban.

" We surveyed all of our residents some time ago, and the responses among residents who both don’t smoke and do smoke were that about 90 percent of households that responded to the survey are in favor of a smoke free housing policy, and so we expect that the majority of residents will comply with the policy," Agro said.

Tenants who violate the smoking ban will need to pay a hefty fine of $250. Agro says the Boston Housing Authority will rely on building managers, custodians and tenants to alert them if residents are smoking.

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