Boston ‘Occupiers’ Respond To Oakland Strike

By Phillip Martin

Nov. 3, 2011

occupy boston march

Protesters march in Boston's Financial District on Nov. 2. (Silver Circle Movie/Flickr)

Jason Mazoula talks about the troubles some veterans face at home.

BOSTON — Several hundred Occupy Boston activists marched Wednesday in support of the General Strike in Oakland, Calif. Oakland has become a flashpoint for national demonstrations since an Iraq War veteran was injured by a projectile allegedly fired by police trying to clear tents out of the main plaza.
In Boston, demonstrators picketed the Bank of America and other symbols of what they called “corporate greed.”

Jason Mazoula, a former infantryman who served in Baghdad, told WGBH Radio that veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are joining Occupation rallies around the country in response to the Oakland incident.

Ed Childs talks about the Nov. 2 Occupy Boston march.

Many veterans, he said, were returning to the U.S. in the face of a down economy, and with it the threats of joblessness, homelessness and drug abuse. 

Ed Childs, a union organizer with UNITE HERE, Local 26, the Hotel Workers Union, was among those spearheading the Wednesday march. “Everybody that’s under attack, every foreclosed person whose home has been foreclosed, every student who has to pay these huge student loans, all the people that are going to be under attack by this supercommittee… everybody is part of this movement,” he said.

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