Brockton Man Will Face Charges After Police Standoff

By Phillip Martin

Apr, 4, 2011

BROCKTON, Mass. — A Brockton man will face charges after engaging in a three-hour standoff with tactical police on Sunday.

David Luke, the father of a self-proclaimed white supremacist, telephoned police On Sunday to say he was heavily armed, and demanded to speak with Boston television reporters. Police were concerned because they had removed weapons from Luke's home two weeks earlier.

A SWAT team surrounded the house on Crescent Street, and cordoned off the area. Police entered the residence a couple of hours later and reported finding Luke in a drug-induced state. No weapons were found.  

Police had been called to David Luke’s home on several occasions following the arrests two years ago of his now 24-year-old son, Keith.

Keith Luke is accused of shooting and killing two Cape Verdean immigrants, and raping and attempting to murder a third.  The murder victims, 20-year-Selma Goncalves and 72-year-old Arlindo Goncalves (no relation), and the rape victim lived in or near the same building as the assailant.

Keith Luke told police he had decided to kill blacks, Latinos and Jews after reading about what he called “the demise of the white race” on a neo-Nazi website. The murders occurred the day after Barack Obama was sworn in as the nation’s first black president.  

Luke infamously appeared in court in 2009 with a jagged swastika newly carved into his forehead. His father, David, told police during the standoff Sunday that he wanted to talk about the crimes that his son is accused of committing.

David Luke was taken away by ambulance and will be charged with threatening police and creating a disturbance.  Two years ago he was charged  with the exact same offense, but was subsequently released. 

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