Bruins Fans Ready For Stanley Cup Showdown

By Phillip Martin

June 15, 2011

The Make Way For Ducklings statue in Boston Common were adorned with Bruins capes. (mrwalter/Flickr)

BOSTON — Just hours before the Boston Bruins square off against the Vancouver Canucks, Bruins Mania is in the air. It seemed to be on the minds of just about everyone in downtown Boston.

Diehard fan Bob Lyons is hanging from the window of his car at a red light — and he's beaming with confidence. But his initial comments cannot be used in a public forum. So I asked him for a radio friendly assessment of the rival Canucks.

"Vancouver. They play like my twin sisters. They absolutely do. The Bruins are going to win in regulation 3 to 1," Lyons predicts.

Johnny Kinsman, of Somerville, is not nearly as sure of victory — even though he's wearing a Bruins jersey.

"I’m very excited for the game, very nervous and cautiously optimistic," Kinsman said.

Kinsman is riding his bike around historic sites in downtown Boston, but they look a little different today. The Paul Revere statue is draped in a black and yellow Bruins jersey. Lately, there has been some controversy over Sarah Palin's interpretation of Revere’s famous ride, but Kinsman has his own version. He's convinced that Revere rode into the night to warn the Vancouver Canucks that the Bruins were coming. And he says he has the evidence to prove it.

"I wanted to take a picture of the Paul Revere with his jersey, George Washington in his jersey and hopefully the Ducklings still have theirs too," Kinsman said, referring to the black and yellow Bruins capes worn by the "Make Way For Ducklings" statues on Boston Common.

But not everyone was cheering the Bruins. One man who wouldn't give his name said he's a New York Rangers, Yankees and Giants fan.

"Of all the Boston teams that could win a championship the one that would bother me the least would be the Bruins. But I don’t think the Bruins got it tonight because they just haven’t shown anything in Vancouver. It’s a different game when it’s in Canada and the stadiums really loud," he said.

On the corner of Beacon and Charles, Justin Goodstein of Cambridge is relaxed and exudes confidence.

"We have the power. We have the full force taken from this last game to just go there and take it away."

He says he doesn't have a whit of sympathy for Vancouver. "I love Canada, but we just got to win this one. That’s it," Goodstein said.

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