Could You Hurt This Dog?

By Toni Waterman

Mar. 7, 2012

BOSTON — State lawmakers are weighing a bill that would make it illegal for a pet owners to leave their dogs tied up outside for more than 8 hours at a time, no matter whether the animal is tied to a tree, a pole or a doghouse. The bill also bans dogs from being left outside overnight.
Kara Holmquist, director of advocacy at the MSPCA, said the bill is necessary not only to protect dogs but to protect the public.
"Dogs who are tethered, according to the CDC, are 2.8 times more likely to bite," she said. "They’re territorial, they can’t escape when they feel threatened, they can be harmed by other animals, by people … so it really has implications beyond just the health and welfare of that individual animal."
Penalties would range from $100 for the first offense to up to $300 and the potential loss of the dog for the third offense.
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