DNC Chair Rips Romney's 'Penchant for Secrecy'

By Adam Reilly

June 10, 2012

BOSTON — As Democrats hammer the private financial practices of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the GOP's nominee-in-waiting, Boston is becoming a favorite staging ground for their attacks. Today's example: a visit from Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
Schultz's Boston trip was triggered by a recent article in Vanity Fair. The piece detailed Mitt Romney's financial ties to the Cayman Islands and Bermuda — where Romney owns a corporation, Sankaty High Yield Asset Investors, about which little is known. At a morning presser at the Mass. Democratic Party's Summer Street HQ, Wasserman Schultz said Romney's offshore accounts show that a Romney presidency would be shrouded in secrecy.
Romney forecast: cloudy and shroud-y?
"If for some reason Mitt Romney actually became president," Wasserman Schultz said, "having a penchant for secrecy allows — means that it is more likely that decisions made in the White House would be shrouded in secrecy … important decisions related to the economy and taxation and whether or not we go to war and intelligence, that sometimes [need to] have some light shed on it when it's not classified. We cannot have a cloud and a shroud, basically, descend over the White House. And that's what we'd be risking with Mitt Romney as president."
Wasserman's comments are part of a concerted effort by national Democrats to make Romney's personal finances a campaign issue as he challenges Democratic President Barack Obama. Over the weekend, the Romney campaign fired back, saying that Romney has paid "every dime of taxes he owes" and accusing President Obama of using "false and dishonest attacks" in an effort to keep his job.

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