Deepen Your Knowledge of the Ocean: Boston Sea Rovers

March 8, 2012

Photos by WGBH Radio host and diving enthusiast, Jordan Weinstein. (Jordan@GBH/Flickr)

This weekend in Danvers, Mass., one of the oldest diving clubs in the U.S., the Boston Sea Rovers, will host their annual Underwater Clinic. What started out more than 50 years ago as a film show designed to familiarize people with the underwater world has become a full-blown, weekend-long event. Those curious about ocean diving can encounter the pros, trainers and the gear makers eager to help them explore.

New Englanders have an intrinsic relationship with the sea. We live next to it, are sustained from it, and we enjoy the beautiful shores along our coasts. But divers go a little...deeper. They venture off the safe shores, into a terrain most of us never see. 

WGBH's Jordan Weinstein is a diver and underwater photographer. His video of the Cayman Island waters was featured this week on Greater Boston (link above). Although Weinstein has not yet joined the invitation-only Boston Sea Rovers Diving Club, he plans to attend this weekend, and said he looks forward to reuniting with other diving friends. Weinstein explained that divers have many reasons to venture into the deep, whether it's for the tactile experience, to search for history, enhance underwater saftey techniques or just explore a part of the earth we still know less about than all we have learned about outter space.

"Diving for me is a door to another world," said Weinstein. "A world of amazing fish, critters and plants. A weightless world where diving to the depths of ancient canyons or rising to the heights of ageless boulders and is as simple as breathing in or breathing out. It’s a world where discovery is almost guaranteed each time one ventures out….and down."

Anyone curious about the ocean, that other final frontier, is welcome at the Underwater Clinic in Danvers. Activities range from photography workshops to kids projects to search and forensics lectures. The day ends with a film festival featuring marine photojournalist Brian Skerry, Emmy-winning cinematographer and marine biologist Rick Rosenthal, filmmaker Jill Heinerth, photographer Ernie Brooks and explorer/producer Nancy McGee.

Boston Sea Rovers
Greater Boston Guest Andy Martinez
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