Emotions Run High at Malden MBTA Hearing

By Ibby Caputo

Feb. 17, 2012

malden mbta

Some of the people who wait at the Malden subway platform every weekday voiced their opinions at a Feb. 16 public hearing. (Pi.1415926535/Wikimedia)

MALDEN, Mass. — Media attention focused this week on the MBTA hearings at the Boston Public Library, where hundreds staged a protest — but transit users in the outskirts of the Orange Line are just as mad.

"We can't go to any of the events in the Senior Center ... I've been walking."

Emotions ran high on Feb. 16 at a public hearing in Malden about the proposed service cuts and fare hikes, as many riders accused the agency of discriminating against senior citizens, people with disabilities and the poor. 
More than 100 riders voiced their concerns. Many suggested the MBTA look to save money internally first by reducing bonuses to management and fixing broken equipment. 

"Yo, yo, yo, mister, hey, time out! You know, we don't all have internet service. You're here. You can tell us what's on that site. I challenge you."

At one point, acting general manager Jonathan Davis, who stood in the front of the room throughout the three-hour meeting, attempted to answer what cost-cutting measures have already been put in place by directing the audience to the MBTA website. This upset many people in the packed room, who cried out that not everyone has internet access. 
The next public hearing about the MBTA's proposed service cuts and fare hikes will be in Winthrop on Feb. 27.

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