Exploring Boston's Diversity Through Food

By WGBH News

June 14, 2012


Margarita Martinez, host of Neighborhood Kitchens, explores the variety of cultures in Boston — and sates her foodie curiosity — with visits to different neighborhoods and restaurants. (Photo: Patricia Alvarado)

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Chef Rodriguez teaches Margarita about Orinoco family recipes and flavors. (Photo: Patricia Alvarado)

BOSTON — A new television series on WGBH 2 called Neighborhood Kitchens is an exploration of culture through food. Every week it offers a unique window into immigrant communities in New England.

The host, Margarita Martinez, visits a different ethnic restaurant and learns three recipes from the chef that also inform her about unique flavorings and family secrets. While making the show, Margarita and the crew explore the restaurant’s neighborhood, discovering all kinds of hidden gems along the way.

"For Neighborhood Kitches we're going to different neighborhoods and then going to restaurants within there," said Martinez. "I think they are some of the best representations of the cultures that are here because the people who start them come from other countries and are representatives who really want to show and share their culture with other people in the community."

In the South End, Martinez met the proprietors of Orinoco and learned about nueva Latino cooking, or the Americanization of Latin food for a U.S. palate. Chef Carlos Walter Rodriguez shows Margarita how he incorporates flavors from traditional Venezuelan recipes.

Find three of Chef Rodriguez's recipes on the Neighborhood Kitchens blog, and catch the premiere of Neighborhood Kitchens this Sunday, June 17 at 6:30pm on WGBH 2.

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