Feds Investigate Boston Airplane Crash

By The Associated Press

Jul. 15, 2011

BOSTON — Federal investigators are hoping daylight gives them a better look at two planes damaged in an accident at Boston's Logan International Airport.

Federal Aviation Administration investigators are taking a more detailed look at the two jets Friday after the wing of a large moving passenger jet clipped the tail of a smaller stationary aircraft on a taxiway Thursday. Both were taken out of service.

An airline spokesman says the incident involved Delta Flight 266 from Boston to Amsterdam, which hit the vertical stabilizer of Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 4904, heading to Raleigh-Durham. There were 204 passengers and 11 crew on the larger plane, 74 passengers and three crew on the smaller craft.

One person was treated at a hospital.

Passengers described feeling a sharp jolt, followed by screaming and crying.

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