Gates Annouces New Genetic Testing Method

There is growing interest in deterring individual genetic makeup, a study that was popularized by the recent PBS series “Faces of America” with Harvard scholar, Henry Louis Gates. Professor Gates made an offer to African Americans attendees at the recent National Urban League Conference in Boston they could not refuse. He announced that a company called 23 and Me and the Dubois Center at Harvard were giving away 10,000 DNA kits to African Americans. The audience lined up to take advantage of the offer and to try to clear up some mysteries in their lives. Lee Lewis from San Antonio. Texas was among the first in line. "Everyone wants to know where they are from, " he said. "He goes all the way back to Alex Haley."

Alex Haley, of course, was the author of the famous 1970s tv series, Roots. And Lisa Martin Anderson from Tulsa, Oklahoma was eager to determine her specific roots. "From what I've been told I have Native American, European and African American blood," she said proudly.

I also took the DNA tests given out by the company 23 And me, and I plan to share those results with you when they come in sometime in the next six weeks.
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