Gov. Patrick On Community Colleges, Jobs And Income Inequality

Feb. 6, 2012

Originally broadcast February 3, 2012. Discuss the segment on "Basic Black."

BOSTON — Governor Deval Patrick returned to WGBH on Friday to discuss his proposal for coordinating the state's fifteen community colleges under one growth strategy, and talked specifically about how the plan can address the chronic unemployment issues in communities of color.

"Your zipcode determines your life chances. It ought not be that way," the Governor said. His plan would encourage more training in "middle skills", for those jobs that demand more than a high school education but not necessarily a full Bachelor's degree. In additon, he addressed criticims that his plan de-emphasizes a liberal arts education, pointing out that the proposal would stress one core curriculum with a focus on the STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

The Governor also touched on the "three strikes" legislation, his role in President Obama's upcoming reelecition campaign and his intention to leave government and look for his own job in the private sector at the end of his term.

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