Grossman On Murray: 'Our Lives... Are An Open Book'

By Adam Reilly

Jan. 11, 2012

BOSTON — Lt. Gov. Tim Murray is facing mounting pressure to release the cellphone records from the time of his early-morning car crash last November. After black-box data from Murray’s car contradicted his initial account of the accident, both Murray and Gov. Deval Patrick said it was time to move on.  
But state treasurer Steve Grossman is hinting that Murray owes the public more information.
"I think the people of this Commonwealth, all six and a half million of them, deserve transparency from all of us in state government in everything we do," he said. "Our lives to some extent are an open book. The decisions we make have to be fully justified. People deserve openness, accessibility and transparency... if we fall short of this standard, then they have a right to ask the question."
Murray and Grossman are both Democrats — and both are potential candidates for governor in 2014.
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