How to Take On a Kennedy

By Phillip Martin

Feb. 17, 2012


John, Robert and Ted in 1948. (American Experience)

BOSTON — The Kennedy name evokes a legacy of public service, tragedy and scandal. While the family's influence has waned over the years, lingering veneration of the Kennedy past continues to make the members of that lineage formidable political opponents in spite of well-publicized scandals over the generations. Joseph P. Kennedy III is the latest scion to run for political office. His competitors will join a long list of individuals who have tried to best Kennedy family members — with mixed results. We look into WGBH's archives for an answer to the question many have asked: How can you effectively challenge a Kennedy?

Archival co-production by Elizabeth Deane.

WGBH's "American Experience" looks at the family's political history in "The Kennedys." More resources.

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