In Cambridge, A Cool Reception To Zuckerberg's Honor

By Adam Reilly


BOSTON — On Wednesday, Time Magazine announced that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is its 2010 Person of the Year. The 26-year-old mogul got the nod for “creating a new system for exchanging information” and “changing how we all live our lives.”

With half a billion users worldwide – Facebook’s influence is undeniable. Still -- despite the fact that Zuckerberg created Facebook in Harvard Square, many locals don't think he was the right pick.

On Wednesday in Cambridge and Boston, some people questioned the timing of Zuckerberg's honor.

Others said that, for Facebook's popularity, it's actual impact simply isn't big enough.

And there was no shortage of alternate suggestions, like Wikileaks founder Julian Assange or Chinese dissident Nobel Prizewinner Liu Xiaobo.

And what about a Massachusetts person of the year? For the most part, people had politics in mind.


But not everyone thinks Zuckerberg was such a bad pick. One person considered his business skills.

For his part, Zuckerberg says he's honored, and that his cowokers deserve the title, too. He broke the news -- where else? -- on Facebook.

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