Insurance Claims & Lemon Cars Top List of Consumer Complaints

By Sarah Birnbaum

March 13, 2012


BOSTON — Massachusetts officials have announced the top five consumer complaints made by Bay State Residents in the last year. 

The state's Office of Consumer Affairs fielded 80,000 calls last year. The number one gripe of 2011? Problems with auto insurance — denying claims or not processing them quickly enough.  

Another issue in the top five was buying used cars that turn out to be lemons.

Everett resident Elleen Stryd and her daughter Tiffany bought a used car from a Dorchester dealer in July. That’s when her problems started.

"Between July and August we brought that car in multiple times to the dealer. Always he was evasive and never did the repairs. There were problems with the radiator, the heater‚— you name it," Stryd said. She was able eventually to recoup her money under the state's lemon laws.

Problems with home improvement contractors also made the top five complaint  list again.

Robert Mackerron hired a contractor to build retaining walls around his house in Watertown. He says the contractor got halfway through the project, asked for more money and then never  finished the job.

“As a consumer, you’re hoping this guy will do the job you want him to do, and once they realize that, that they have you where they want you, it’s [a] human nature kind of thing,” Mackerron said.

The other categories on the complaint list:  health insurance and home insurance.

See the list and some resources to help if you have complaints.
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