Locavore Goes Fishin' with "Catch-M-All"

March 9, 2012


Fish #8 Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar), Lake Winnipasaukee, 4/9/11 Laconia, NH. Photo by Dave & Clay.

Fishing is a sport that rewards patience. Passing time between bites, anglers tell stories and recount old triumphs. For New Hampshire fishermen Dave Kellem and Clay Groves, shooting the breeze one day led to an idea: to catch and cook every single type of freshwater fish in New Hampshire.

A little more than a year ago, the two grabbed lines & tackle and headed into New Hampshire waters. The list was long - 48 species - some were hard to find, and to add a twist, a couple were poisonous. But, they're making their way through the list undaunted, fish by fish, including bluegill, pickerel, yellow perch and .... yes, even goldfish.

On their blog, Dave and Clay line out the rules for their quest:

1. All species must be caught legally, preferably with a hook and line. Exceptions will be made for interesting techniques, such as spearing or archery. No nets or traps allowed.

2. We must eat the first legal example of the fish we catch.

3. Although we can catch the fish individually, eating the fish must be done as a team. That's why God invented freezer bags!

4. Guest anglers may be deputized to join the quest at anytime.

5. We must catch the fish in one year, Feb 7, 2011-Feb 7, 2012.

Well, mission accomplished...almost! As any fisherman will tell you, it's not always as easy as deciding to catch 'em all. But the guys are close, and collecting their material for a book. As they collect their adventures into blog posts and photo albums, the two can also recall their good, fruitful times. So can you, by visiting their page of recipes, which includes a dish called Poor Man's Lobster -- really showing off the pair's foodie flair:

You’ll know the cusk is done when it’s tender and looks terrible. But don’t be deceived, this is going to be great! Serve hot, and eat it by dipping it in hot melted butter and garlic. If you’ve done it right it will taste somewhat like lobster, if you’ve done it wrong, it will still taste somewhat like lobster. If you can boil water you can’t mess this up!

Now that’s "effingdelicious!"

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