Logan Officials Say Runway Is Safe

By Jordan Weinstein

Oct. 20, 2011

logan airport

The Logan Airport control tower. (Mr. T in DC/Flickr)


BOSTON — Massport officials have disputed a charge that Logan Airport is unsafe.
In its October issue, “Travel and Leisure” magazine classified Logan as the ninth most dangerous airport of the 35 busiest airports in the country. The magazine assigned Logan a Runway Incident Rate of 3.24 for 2006–2010, using data from the Federal Aviation Administration that assessed near-collisions on the runway. See the full list.
While he did not dispute the findings for the time period, Matthew Brelis, Massport director of media relations, said Logan has cleaned up its act in recent years.
“We’ve added runway status lights, we’ve improved signage and marking on the airfield, we’ve redesigned the geometry of the airfield to make it simpler, we built a center field taxiway,” Brelis said. Those changes, he said, had made the airport drop to 25th on the list in 2011.
In addition, Brelis said, Logan is poised to deploy GPS devices on airfield vehicles so that they can be seen by controllers and eventually by pilots as well.

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