Mass. Group Applauds Course-Reversal On Planned Parenthood

By Jordan Weinstein

Feb. 3, 2012

BOSTON — On Friday, the breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure reversed a policy change that would have eliminated breast-cancer screening grants to Planned Parenthood, after a flood of criticism.
Ronni Cohen-Boyar, executive director of the Massachusetts Komen affiliate, declined to comment on the controversy but emphasized that the state organization had opposed the initial change. "We’ve proud that we stood with the other affiliates and happy that the decision has been revised," she said.
The state Komen organization sublicenses the logos and trademarks from the national group, she said, but raises money locally. Of those funds, 75 percent cover Massachusetts programs and 25 percent go to the national organization "for use in research grants. There is no allocation of funds to national's overhead," she said.
When asked if she was concerned the Mass. group might lose support, she said, "The affiliate is dedicated to the most vulnerable populations across the state. … We know that we have made a difference and we will continue to do so. Our hope is that we can always collaborate with more entities. We'd love to collaborate with Planned Parenthood." She added, "'Collaboration' doesn't necessarily have to be funding."

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