New Evidence Revealed in Henry Case

By Phillip Martin

Mar. 9, 2012

BOSTON — On Friday, the attorney for the family of DJ Henry cited formerly confidential information that the family believes throws into doubt the police version of events that led to the shooting death of the 21-year-old Easton, Mass. college student.

Michael Sussman, a New York attorney for the Henry family, held a telephone briefing for members of the media to discuss various items that will be made public on Monday. On Mar. 8, New York federal judge George Yanthis lifted a confidentiality order that had prohibited the distribution of key documents and videos relevant to the police shooting of Danroy Henry Jr. 

Henry Jr., known to many as "DJ," was killed when police officer Aaron Hess and another officer fired into the car driven by the student outside a nightclub near Pace University where he attended school. Hess said he believed his life was in danger, and police also argued that Henry was intoxicated.

Among the information that Sussman suggests contravenes the police version of events of the night of Oct. 17, 2010, is photographs of Henry that evening. The photos show Henry "interacting literally immediately before his death," with people inside and outside the bar, "which clearly in our view indicates that he was not intoxicated or in any way impaired," Sussman said.

Another issue raised by Sussman is related to one of the dashboard cameras on a police vehicle: New documentation shows "dash cams, vehicle cables being disconnected prior to the incident. People have asked about the status of the dash cams, why there's no better footage of what occurred, and we have answers to that."

Sussmann insisted that he is not trying this case in the court of public opinion but he did ask journalists to do their jobs and ask hard questions about the information that has come to their attention. WGBH News has put in phone calls to the district attorney’s office in Westchester Country seeking answers to some of the latest issues to be raised in this case. 

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