Occupy Boston And The 'Big Tent'

By Phillip Martin

Nov. 30, 2011

occupy boston tent october

A tent in Dewey Square in the first week of the Occupy Boston encampment this fall. (Twp/Wikimedia)

BOSTON — This week WGBH News is reporting deep on the Occupy Boston movement. Reporter Phillip Martin watched three violent scuffles break out Sunday night as he examined dangerous problems surfacing at the downtown Boston encampment. Today he returned to the scene not just to see where the movement may be headed but to explore how diverse groups struggle to all be included under one big tent — an effort that reminds some analysts of old Democratic Party national conventions. 


Later this week: Phillip Martin covers a forum with U.S. mayors talking about the Occupy movement, and the Boston group's fight to stay in Dewey Square. You can reach him by email or follow him on Twitter @pwdmartin.

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