On The Defensive, Cahill Looks Ahead

By Jess Bidgood

Jan. 28, 2011

Tim Cahill in WGBH's studios earlier this week. (Jess Bidgood/WGBH)

BOSTON — During his 23 years in elected office, Tim Cahill usually traveled with at least an aide or two. But when he came to our studios for an interview earlier this week, he came alone.
After a bruising loss in his run for the governorship last fall, Tim Cahill last week finished up his job as state treasurer. Now, he is defending himself against multiple investigations into campaign irregularities.
He said he’s not involved in the SEC probe into whether a Goldman Sachs vice president, Neil Morrison, broke regulatory rules when he gave the Cahill campaign unpaid advice.
“I don’t know anything about that,” Cahill said. “My role is to make sure that we did everything we were supposed to do and that our processes were clean.”
Last fall, Attorney General Martha Coakley launched an investigation into whether the Cahill campaign had colluded with the state lottery, of which Cahill was chair in his capacity as state Treasurer, to run ads that would bolster his campaign.
But Cahill maintains he didn’t do anything wrong. “The lottery did the advertising they felt was in the best interest of the lottery and it had nothing to do with the campaign,” Cahill said. “I wasn’t in any of the ads, it wasn’t about me.”
Cahill said both investigations are “due diligence.”
“I’m confident in both of these investigations that they were started because of the political process that I was part of, because of stories that were put out there primarily by my opponents, and we’ll deal with it,” Cahill said.
Cahill says he’s still not sure about his next career move, after stepping down as state Treasurer when Democrat Steve Grossman was inaugurated last week.
“I’ve got some ideas of what I’d like to do, but we’ll see what happens,” Cahill said. “My goal is for it to be in the private sector.”

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