Origins Of Carson Beach Fight Disputed

By Adam Reilly

Jun. 1, 2011

Carson Beach, seen here in April, was the site of a fight this weekend that drew hundreds of youths to watch; it's unclear whether or not the altercation was gang-related. (BostonPhotoSphere via Flickr)

SOUTH BOSTON — Carson Beach has been quiet over the past couple of days. But this weekend, it was the scene of a tense standoff between several hundred youth and members of local law enforcement — including state police from the barracks next door and SWAT teams from Boston.
For the third time in four days police dispersed the troublemakers, who then hopped the T to other parts of the city and reportedly brawled at Downtown Crossing. But it remains unclear exactly what happened, and whether gangs were involved, 
It’s still not clear who the combatants were or what the nature of their conflict was. But according to one eyewitness who was here Sunday, the trouble seemed to primarily involve females.
“I left,” Mia Willis of Boston said. “The cops was all riding up on the beach and the girls was just acting crazy. It was mainly girls.
Despite repeated claims that gangs were involved in the escalating tensions — a claim amplified Tuesday afternoon by The Drudge Report, which made the Carson Beach incident front-page news — Willis said early reports of gang involvement may be overblown.
“I don’t think it was gang affiliated,” she said. “Teenagers now, they have, like, little crews where they dance and jerk, whatever. I guess they create problems with other crews, 'Who does this better?' And they end up fighting."
Whatever the cause, Carson Beach’s family-friendly reputation may be at risk.  As one young woman said this morning: “It makes me nervous, especially because I bring my stepdaughter here.”
On Wednesday, the state police announced plans to step up their presence at Carson Beach in what’s being termed a “surge.”  

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