Pick A Slogan For The Occupy Movement

By Phillip Martin

Dec. 21, 2011

BOSTON — Though the images of the 1960s antiwar and civil rights movements were ultimately shaped by the people on the ground who took part in them, Roger Baldacci of Arnold Worldwide says it helped that they had simple slogans, like "End the War Now" and "Freedom Now.
What slogan would really set the Occupy movement’s cause on fire? This week, WGBH News interviewed several messaging experts to get their ideas. Now, you can vote on your favorite — or offer a slogan you like better and we'll post them.
Some of your ideas...

"Democracy not Plutocracy" — "It is the source of all that we are protesting."
"Americans for Justice"
"Enough of the Greed!"
"Occupy a Clue" — "Illustrates how these unemployed and overeducated young people and outcasts are being manipulated by the media and other groups."
"I'm Mad as Hell and I Have No Idea What to Do About It!"

The execs' ideas:

1. “Occupy for Occupation”
Who: Roger Baldacci, Arnold Worldwide
Why: The movement “is about rich people having all the money and other people not and being out of work” — looking, in other words, for an occupation. Also it’s alliterative.
2. “Real Heroes, Real Growth, Real Change”
Who: Marta Kagan, HubSpot
Why: See below.
3. “This Is How Real People Do It”
Who: Kagan
Why: Hearkens back to the “99 percent” idea but makes it better because it "elevates it above simply what the 1 percent is doing to us."

Vote or add...

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