Prosecutors: Bulger Says He Visited Boston While In Hiding

By Jess Bidgood

June 27, 2011

BOSTON — Longtime fugitive James "Whitey" Bulger says he visited Boston while hiding from federal authorities.

That's according to a brief filed by government prosecutors on Monday.

An alleged Boston mob leader wanted for 19 murders, Bulger was escorted to Boston by the FBI last week after 16 years on the run. But prosecutors say it wasn't his first time at home since disappearing in December 1994.

The brief says Bulger waived his Miranda rights shortly after his arrest, telling authorities he'd traveled widely during his years on the lam — and made multiple trips to Boston.

"Bulger admitted traveling (in disguise) to Boston on several occasions while 'armed to the teeth' because he had to 'take care of some unfinished business,'" reads the brief.

Bulger did not elaborate on whom he visited, where he went or when these visits occurred. 

He also said he'd traveled to Tijuana to purchase medicines and played slots in Las Vegas, where he claimed to have won more money than he lost.

The main purpose of the brief was to argue Bulger had not yet provided satisfactory proof of his inability to afford a private defense lawyer, citing, among other things, the fact that Bulger had been able to afford a comfortable lifestyle while on the run — and had $822,198 in cash in his apartment.

"The foregoing facts are of course significant because they indicate Bulger may have additional assets and/or allies willing to assist him in his current predicament," read the brief.

It said Bulger's brother, former UMass president William Bulger, should be required to produce an affadavit regarding his willingness (or lack thereof) to support his brother's legal fees.  

A hearing to settle the question of "Whitey" Bulger's is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

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