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Race Against the Machine

By Kara Miller

Robots are seen on the floor of the Tesla factory. (patrick_h/flickr)

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We dive into a big debate about the economy with the authors of the widely-discussed book, Race Against the Machine, who argue that the stagnant unemployment rate may not be about to get better any time soon.

In fact, they say, computers may allow the economy to do perfectly well without ever getting anywhere close to full employment. But the consequences could be dire, turning us into a chronically-underemployed country, where some are helped by computers and others are displaced by them.

They’ll sketch out their vision for us and offer a potential solution. Where is this trend going? And will it lead to a great divide between the haves and the have nots?


  • Andrew McAfee, author; principal research scientist, at MIT’s Center for Digital Business
  • Erik Brynjolfsson, author; director of the MIT Center for Digital Business



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