Reclaim The Holidays: Give Time

By WGBH News

Dec. 15, 2011


In an era of stress, some people are interested in alternatives to the big pile of store-bought presents. This gift wrap is "upcycled" from magazine pages and toilet paper rolls. (esoterika/Flickr)

BOSTON —  ‘Tis the season for holiday gift guides. This is not one of those — not exactly. WGBH News’ Bob Seay spoke to David Freudberg, the host of public radio's “Humankind,” to get some ideas for taking the "stuff" out of giving.

In an era of economic and environmental stress, some people are interested in finding alternatives to the big pile of gifts that can, he said, “recklessly turn the holidays into a buying spree.”

David Freudberg
Public radio host David Freudberg examines ways to un-commercialize the holidays. (Gary Mott/WGBH)

But what’s Christmas without any presents? (With apologies to Jo March.)
Freudberg acknowledged, “It truly is one of the most enchanting things to watch a child rip open the packaging and take delight in something that they might forget about 5 minutes later.”

Still, there are other possibilities.
“Another approach to the holidays is simply to give the gift of time. We are all desperately time-starved in this culture,” Freudberg said.
He suggested, for instance, cooking dinner for a loved one every Thursday for a month. “Believe me, that's a truly treasured gift to show people that we care, and it doesn’t cost anything to your budget, or to the planet.”
“Humankind” covers the subject on Sunday, Dec. 18 at 6:00 p.m. on Boston Public Radio.

What are your ideas for un-commercialized holiday gifts? Tweet them @wgbhnews or post in the comments.

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