Record Cold Freezes Northeast

By WGBH News

Jan. 24, 2011

BOSTON — Most of Massachusetts is under wind-chill warnings or advisories Monday, as an Arctic high-pressure system brings temperatures well below zero across the Northeast.

The coldest areas in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont will dip to 30 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit), with the wind chill expected to drop to 50 below zero in some spots. In Boston the temperature is hovering around zero, as it is in Providence. But wind chill could make the air feel as cold at 20 degrees below zero.

Frostbite can develop in just 30 minutes at these temperatures, so those venturing outside are advised to dress in layers with a hat and gloves at minimum.

The deep freeze is expected to moderate by Tuesday, when highs are predicted to be in the mid-30's — with a chance of snow. 

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