Fenway at 100

Save Your Voice with Singy-Songy Red Sox Cheers

April 26, 2012


Ms. Zoubareva instructing the Good Morning America film crew at Fenway Park. (Photo: Elena Zoubareva)

Hear an excerpt of Zoubareva's conversation with Callie Crossley.

BOSTON — Elena Zoubareva, opera singer and voice expert, lives in close proximity to Fenway. She says she started offering vocal classes to baseball fans because she just couldn't bear to hear the damage they would do to their voices when cheering in a game.

When Red Sox Nation belts out the tune "Sweet Caroline," Zoubareva recommends fans should especially pay attention to their breathing. It may be hard to imagine when both teams are tied in the 7th inning, but one way to remember to breathe is to imagine sniffing roses. "And keep a tiny smile!" she says. Not even letting loose on the Yankees is condoned when your voice is at stake.  "I have seen careers and marriages destroyed by damage done to voices," she said.


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