Six Winning 48-Hour Films

By Edgar B. Herwick III

July 12, 2012 

What have you accomplished in the past 48 hours? WARNING: The following sentence may make you feel a tad lazy. Recently, Michael McVey and a five-person team made an entire film — wrote, shot, edited and scored — from scratch in just 2 days. It was part of the Boston 48-Hour Film Project. And his short, "Manna," cleaned up at the awards ceremony. As we prepare for the project to descend on Providence, R.I. the weekend of July 13, McVey sent along five of his favorites from Boston's fest along with his comments. (Note he limited himself to films that have been posted online.)

McVey and the man behind the Providence 48-Hour Film Project talk with Edgar Herwick on Boston Public Radio at noon.

SILENT FILM: "Bitter Sweet" by Movie Magic Media

One of the more professional entries into the competition, "Bitter Sweet" features a standout musical score by composer Jason Jordan.

BUDDY FILM: "Tristan & Arabella" by the Brownie Theater

Made by a team of four young siblings: writer/director/editor Caitlin (17), Zac (14), Brittany (11) and Aidan (9), and a golden retriever named Ancho. Features my favorite line in the entire competition: "Not while the smell of chocolate lingers on the breeze. Classic.

MOCKUMENTARY: "Slyder Fishpuss' Wondrous Marvels of the Ancient World" by Pica Films

Bizarre and funny, this film plays like an aside to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Catchy theme music, costumes, makeup and clever writing make for an entertaining 7 minutes.

DRAMA: "Quitting" by Wax Idiotical

Wax Idiotical has made over 15 48-Hour Film Projects in less than 4 years(!), making it one of the most prolific teams competing. This film takes place almost entirely in one elevator, yet constantly evolves its story and characters.

DARK COMEDY (Age Restricted): "Miss You, Mom" by Pass the Porridge Productions

It's sick, twisted and disgusting, to be sure. But taste aside, this tidy, one-joke film is well-made and atmospheric. You've been warned.

And here's McVey's own film, which won the award for Best Film this year — and a documentary he made about making a 48-hour film while he was making his 48-hour film (got that?).

"Manna" by Skiffleboom Productions

"Making of 'Manna'" by Skiffleboom Productions

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