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Social Entrepreneurship Keeps Life-saving Vaccines Cool

By Kara Miller

This meningitis vaccine is part of a pilot program in Burkina Faso. Sometimes, available vaccines can't be used in remote parts of the world because there is no way to refrigerate them, but our guest this week has a solution. (WHO via Flickr)

We’re joined by a winner of Harvard’s President's Challenge for social entrepreneurship, Michael Shrader.

His team knew that, every year, more than two million people around the world die due to diseases that we actually have vaccines for, because so many vaccines need refrigeration. And it can be incredibly difficult to get a vaccine to a remote village in Africa or Southeast Asia in good shape, if it needs to be refrigerated along the way.

Shrader will share their ingenious solution.

Plus, we talk to social entrepreneurship experts about a surge of young people who want to do good and make money.


  • Michael Schrader, winner of Harvard's President's Challenge for Social Entrepreneurship; co-founder and president, Vaxess Technologies

  • Gordon Jones, director, Harvard Innovation Lab

  • Gordon Bloom, director and founder, Social Entrepreneurship Collaboratory, Harvard

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