Springfield Approves Tough Anti-Foreclosure Laws

By The Associated Press

Aug. 23, 2010

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — The Springfield City Council has passed what advocates are calling the toughest municipal anti-foreclosure legislation in the country.

The council on Monday voted unanimously to approve an ordinance that requires mortgage lenders to engage in mediation with homeowners facing foreclosure, or face a $300 per day fine.

The council also passed a second ordinance requiring lenders to place a $10,000 bond to secure and maintain any of their foreclosed and vacant properties.

Advocates say the ordinances will help more people stay in their homes, protect them from predatory lenders, and fight urban blight.

Both ordinances were proposed by City Councilor Amaad Rivera and backed by a community group called Springfield No One Leaves.

Supporters say the ordinances will survive legal challenges.

They await the mayor's signature.

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