Summer Cooking Tips from The Summer Shack

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Jul. 15, 2011

A tasty lobster plate (jazzy4flickr/flickr)


BOSTON — It's hard to find someone who knows more about New England seafood than Jasper White. White owns the popular Summer Shack in Cambridge, and he joined WGBH's Emily Rooney to give some tips on cooking lobster, charcoal grilling and buying fresh seafood.

Cooking Lobster

  • Don't boil lobster, steam it. It cooks slower, the meat gets more tender, and not as tough as when you boil it.

  • Make a rack out of an upside-down colander or out of rock weed instead of buying a new one.

  • Put an egg in the pot. When the egg is cooked, the lobster is cooked.

Charcoal Grilling

  • Buy a big charcoal grill. Charcoal adds a smokey flavor to your meat or fish.

  • Make a big concentrated fire.This way you can use a large range of temperatures.

  • The smaller the meat or fish, the larger the fires should be.

  • When grilling chicken, cover the grill so it acts as an oven.

Buying Fresh Seafood

  • If you're close to the source, go to the source. Buy from fishermen coming back in for the day.

  • Create a relationship with who runs the market. They always know what's best to buy that day.

  • Fresh fish has a shiny look.

  • Fresh fish does NOT have an odor. If it does, it's a few days old.

These tips and full recipies are found in Jasper's cookbok, The Summer Shack Cookbook, now avaliable in paperback.

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