Super Bowl Preview: Are We The Yankees?

By Danielle Dreilinger


Feb. 2, 2012

super bowl

When a team wins the Super Bowl, hatred melts like ice. (Indianapolis Super Bowl/Facebook)

BOSTON — Would you rather win and be hated, or lose and be loved? The country of football fans is standing as one against New England for the Super Bowl this year, said sportscaster Bob Lobel.
The longtime commentator and curmudgeon has warning words for New England fans: Though bookmakers favor the Pats, the Giants, he said, are the better team. In fact, "I was feeling so much more comfortable about the last Super Bowl than this one."
And no one outside of New England is rooting for the Pats, Lobel opined. "Most people hope the Patriots lose because we're hated," Lobel said. "There's a great part of the country that both envies us and is jealous of the success — not only of the Patriots but all of the other teams." Bill Belichick? Rasputin. Tom Brady? Too perfect (and look at his wife).
Even President Barack Obama has gotten into the act, saying, "Enough already, Boston!" Spoken, Lobel said, "like a true guy from Chicago."
That said, the Patriots probably care more about this game — longing to avenge the agonizing late-quarter loss of 2008 — which could give them the necessary power.
"We expect to win, it's all part of our DNA at the moment, and you might as well enjoy it as long as we can. Who knows when they're going to get back there," Lobel said.
Because after all, in the end everyone loves a winner — and Valentine's Day is after the game.

Hear more of Lobel's predictions for the game.

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