The 24 Hour Film Race: Who Will Represent Boston?

By Stacy Buchanan

June 19, 2012

I get overwhelmed thinking about all of the things I could accomplish in 24 hours. For example: I could paint a picture, knit a scarf, watch every episode of Dawson’s Creek, write a new blog post, and bake 50 cupcakes. Notice making a movie isn’t on there? That’s because my brain cannot even begin to comprehend producing a movie in such a short period of time. Think you can make a movie in 24 hours?

Well, on the weekend of May 18th over 750 teams around the world were asked to do just that -- create a short film, no more than four minutes long, that incorporated: (1) the theme “one”, (2) the action “listening to music”, and (3) the prop “the number one.”

The 24 Hour Film Race 2012 challenges filmmakers from around the world to create a completed short in, you guessed it, 24 hours. And the Brattle Theatre will be premiering the top local films competing for the chance to represent Boston on Wednesday, June 20th. As for the grand prize, how does $10,000 sound?

Additionally, the following awards will be given to Boston’s stand-outs: Best Film, Best Direction, Best Writing, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Original Music Score, Best Sound Design, Best Animation, Best Visual FX, Best Special FX, Best Costume Design, and Best Make-Up.

Films playing include:

The Castle by An Elaborate Joke (Andre Wells)
To Be Determined by DnDFilmmaking (David Barrett-Rutter)
Call Me: Getting that #1 Spot by Erith (Erica Smith)
Confession by Fierce Hearts Productions (Jacob Fahey)
Butterfly by films (Janelle Stockbridge)
LOST by MindRuption (Juan Soto)
Desire by Oh, But of Corpse Productions (David Hahn)
Solo by Renaissance Pictures (Scott Sullivan)
Have Another by Some Are Villains (Michael Interrante)
Cookie Problems by Team Brown (Mike Brown)
Mono by Well Dang! Productions (Alex Wroten)
One Thing by Yeti Films (Emile Doucette)

Doors open at 7:00pm, show starts at 8:00pm.

Brattle Theater
40 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA  02138
(617) 547-6837


About the Author
Stacy Buchanan Stacy Buchanan
Stacy is California born and raised, and happily living in Boston.  By day, she’s a seasoned digital marketer, social media enthusiast and pop culture consumer. After studying special effects makeup and film for over 20 years, she is also full-time film buff and by night, produces content for horror publications, focusing on classic and contemporary horror films.


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