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The Future Of Advertising

By Kara Miller

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This ad, part of a series of Old Spice ads from 2010, was an example of an innovative use of the 30-second ad spot, says our panel.

This week, we look at the future of advertising.

Once, advertising was clear and unmistakable, like the famous Dr. Pepper ads from the 1970s.

The unmistakeable Dr. Pepper jingle from the 1970s.

Then, product placement took over — and companies paid small fortunes to be featured in movies like Mission Impossible.

And technology has radically changed how companies reach customers. Now, TV viewers can click to a different channel during ads. They can ignore the classifieds and car ads in newspapers and search the Internet for exactly what they want. And we’ve entered the world of Google, where ads look back at you — and know the kind of clothes you like, the books you read, and the gadgets you’re eyeing.

We're joined by an executive from Google, and other top minds in the advertising world — including a veteran of Superbowl ads — to ask how advertisers will reach out to us in the future.


A Google ad features Lady Gaga and her fans using the power of the Internet to connect with each other.

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