The Ivy Leagues: Shackled to a Shameful Past


Feb. 23, 2012


Monument to Slaves in Zanzibar. Photo on Wikimedia Commons

BOSTON — We're marking Black History Month with a look at the ties Ivy League universities have to slavery. Though slavery is still largely considered a Southern institution, it's an American institution that's touched ever corner of the nation, including the country's esteemed universities. From Amherst College, to Harvard University, these institutions were built on the backs of slaves.

With Brown University leading the way, universities have recently started confronting the uncomfortable truths about their connection to slavery and the implicit racism that came with it. Now that our academic institutions are exhuming their pasts, how should we be talking about slavery in the 21st century? Add your comments to The Callie Crossley Show.

Harvard and Slavery
Brown's Slavery Justice Project
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