This Week in State Politics: Super Tuesday Looms

By Sarah Birnbaum

Mar. 5, 2012

BOSTON — Sen. John Kerry is speaking in Boston on Monday at the New England Council’s business breakfast. He’s expected to discuss job creation, innovation and economic competitiveness in Massachusetts.
Later in the day, Lt. Gov. Tim Murray is touring Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford. It’s the latest stop on his statewide tour of military installations. Big cuts in U.S. defense spending are looming and the Patrick administration is trying to build grassroots support to keep local military bases open.
And on Mar. 6, Bay State voters cast their ballots in the presidential primary. Massachusetts is one of 10 states voting in Super Tuesday. Polls show Mitt Romney leading the race for the Republican nomination in Massachusetts by a wide margin. He hasn’t spent much time campaigning here, focusing instead on the battleground state of Ohio where polls have him and Rick Santorum neck and neck. Green-Rainbow voters will also have a chance to cast their ballot and Democratic voters will get a chance to cast theirs, though President Barack Obama is the only candidate on the Democratic ballot. 

The presidential options for Massachusetts Green-Rainbow voters are Jill Stein, Harley Mikkelson and Kent Mesplay; Roseanne Barr is also running for the nomination but did not announce in time to get on the ballot, according to the party.

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