Treasurer Holds Micro-Beer Summits; Brown Back In Mass.

By Sarah Birnbaum

Aug. 8, 2011

A view of the State House in Boston. (Philocrites/Flickr)
BOSTON — Massachusetts lawmakers are on August recess, but there are still a few events planned this week on Beacon Hill.  Massachusetts Treasurer Steve Grossman meets with microbrewers who are upset over potential regulations, and U.S. Senator Scott Brown is back in the Bay State. 

There’s growing concern among craft beer brewers across the state over a ruling by Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.  The ABCC announced last week that certain brewers must grow at least half of their hops and grains themselves or else buy them from a Massachusetts farm. The rule change could hurt 25 craft breweries in Massachusetts, and some smaller beer makers say it could even put them out of business. Treasurer Grossman, who oversees the ABCC, plans to meet privately with some of the brewers on Monday to hear out their concerns.
Meanwhile, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown will be crisscrossing the Bay State this week, making stops in Boston, Cape Cod and the Berkshires. Brown says he will talk about his plans to create jobs. The tour comes as Democrats are ramping up their attacks on Brown in the leadup to the 2012 election. Democratic strategists say beating Brown could be key to the party’s chances of holding on to its Senate majority.
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