Turning a Cell into a "House of God"

March 8, 2012


Bo Lozoff

Johnny Cash knew a thing or two about prisons, so when he performed inside California's Folsom State Prison, he cemented his image not just as a romantic outlaw, but as a compassionate friend to inmates.

Today, another singer has spent time in more than one-thousand prisons. He's Bo Lozoof, and he started writing to prisoners in the 1970's. With their help and their feedback, Lozoff developed spiritual materials to help rehabilitate inmates.

WGBH's Bob Seay and David Freudberg discuss Lozoff's work.

Prisoners, Lozoff asserts on his foundation's website, have an opportunity to explore their spirituality "without the distractions and luxuries which occupy many people" who live outside the prison bars and fences.

Lozoff spoke with David Freudberg, host of the WGBH Radio program, Humankind.

Bo Lozoff's Humankindess Foundation

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