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August 10, 2012

Mary Tinti, a WGBHArts contributor and Koch Curatorial Fellow at the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, took to the streets around Boston and Cambridge to give you a view — and some insight — of some more noticable art you may have seen around town. Take a look at these four videos from her first tour of local public art.

plensaPublic Art Tour: Jaume Plensa’s Alchemist
Commissioned and subsequently gifted by an anonymous graduate, Alchemist honors MIT's 150th anniversary, the generosity of its alumni, and—by extension—the students who have researched, studied, and problem-solved there.

the wallPublic Art Tour: The Wall at Central Square
The brainchild of Geoff Hargadon and restaurant owner Gary Strack, The Wall at Central Square was unveiled a few years ago as a safe place for everyday folks and renowned street artists alike to come and spray, draw or paint their visions for all to see.

holocaustmemorialPublic Art Tour: The New England Holocaust Memorial
Saitowitz’s memorial accomplishes what many like it strive to do, but often are unable to: it marks a profoundly tragic event in ways that are symbolically loaded without being overtly literal.

marqueePublic Art Tour: Art on the Marquee
Thanks to a partnership between the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority and Boston Cyberarts, artists throughout the state have a chance to be a part of a program designed to integrate the arts into a sign system normally used for commercial purposes.

Do you have a suggestion about other public art we should all stop by and see? Leave us your advice in the comments below.



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