Warren Responds To Brown's 'Rock-Thrower' Slam

By WGBH News

Jan. 20, 2012

elizabeth warren

Elizabeth Warren at the Democratic Senate debates in December 2011. (Rich Morgan/Stonehill College)

BOSTON — At his Jan. 19 re-election kickoff event, Sen. Scott Brown took a swipe at Democratic frontrunner Elizabeth Warren, saying, “She talks about how she’s a ‘rock-thrower’ and rather than compromise she prefers to leave 'blood and teeth' on the floor. That sure doesn’t sound like the kind of compromise and progress this country needs right now. I’m a bridge-builder, not a rock-thrower."
Elizabeth Warren responded to the criticism Friday morning on WGBH's Morning Edition:
"All I can say is I've been out there fighting for middle-class families pretty much all my life and trying to get something done. I stand up for what I believe in," she said. "And the nice part is, at least in the case of the consumer agency I fought for, I was actually able to get something done. I think that's important."

LISTEN: To Warren's 9 min. interview with host Bob Seay.

Among the other topics of conversation were health care, foreign policy and campaign ads.

On Brown saying he'll get rid of "Obamacare":

"I have to say I find that genuinely appalling. It's partly a moral issue about covering the people who have health problems in this country, providing health care. But it's also just a dollar-and-cents issue. He really shocks me on this one. There are new cost-containments in Obamacare, ways to try to bring health care costs under control by cutting out duplication, by changing paperwork, by delivering more effective health care up front so we're not paying so much on the back end… so the idea of repealing that so we can end up with less effective care and pay more money for it — I just feel like this is someone who's signing on to the standard Republican playbook."

On the conversation with Brown regarding banning SuperPACs and other third-party ads:

"I've always believed we can go beyond rhetoric and set an historic example for the whole country here in Massachusetts. I think we have a real opportunity to do something and I sure think it's worth trying."

Later on Jan. 20, the Warren campaign issued the following statement on the subject:

"Elizabeth has been very clear that we need a clean and simple agreement to stop third party advertising in this Senate race. She is happy that Scott Brown has moved her way on this issue, but unfortunately, the proposal he has put forward still includes loopholes that Karl Rove could drive a tank through. She remains confident that a strong, enforceable agreement can be reached, and is committed to getting something done that is more than political rhetoric."

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