Warren to DeFranco: “Be Part of This Campaign”

By Adam Reilly

June 4, 2012 
SOMERVILLE, Mass. — Fresh off an overwhelming win at the state’s Democratic convention — where she secured support from 96 percent of the delegates and kept rival Marisa DeFranco from getting on the primary ballot this fall — Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren said she’s eager to win the backing of DeFranco and her supporters.
“You know, I reached out to Marisa, and I hope Marisa will be part of this campaign,” Warren told WGBH News. “I’ve met Marisa many times out on the trail, and always admired her great spunk and her commitment to issues. Now it’s time to go forward, though, and take this Senate seat back. You know, the whole balance of the United States Senate could stand on what we do here in Massachusetts.”
Some DeFranco supporters have complained that the state Democratic establishment worked to shunt her aside — citing, among other things, Gov. Deval Patrick’s surprise endorsement of Warren prior to the convention. Warren said her landslide convention win was the result of honest hard work.
“I’ve been out there for 8 1/2 months, working for every single vote,” Warren said. “We’ve put together a team that’s been out on the grassroots, making phone calls and knocking on doors and shaking hands. And this is it. It came together at the convention, and now it’s time to go forward into November.”
Warren also responded to a Boston Globe article that suggested some African American ministers in Greater Boston are skeptical of her candidacy.
“I haven’t had a chance to meet with everyone,” Warren said. “Now that I’m the Democratic nominee, I hope I get a chance, absolutely, to reach out. I want to meet with all the members of the clergy that it’s at all possible to. I want to reach out — my door is open, but I’m not going to wait for people to come to me. That door is gonna be open, and I’m going out to try to meet people.”

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