We Share Your Occupy Boston Report Card On-Air

By WGBH News

Dec. 9, 2011

report card

LISTEN: We read your comments on the air.

BOSTON — WGBH News' Phillip Martin asked academics, politicians and activists to grade the Occupy movement's strategies, messaging and success. We asked you to do the same. And almost no one was neutral.

On the morning of Dec. 9, 40 percent of respondents gave the movement an A and 32 percent graded it D or F. The positive responses started pulling away: by 5:00 p.m., the D and F responses had gone down to 29 percent. But still only 7 percent gave Occupy Boston a C.

We shared a number of your comments on the air Dec. 9. Here's what some of you said...

A — The lower and middle classes no longer have a voice when money makes the laws.
A — A kindhearted protest is a beautiful thing.
A — It's the first time in my adult life that people are talking about real issues.
A — Finally we now have a brave group of people who have stood up to Big Money interests and injustice. They are doing it peacefully with a typical Bostonian emphasis on education.
A — They are calling attention to the fact that one percent of the country owns most of the wealth. As an 84-year-old I can't march but am one of the 99 percent.
C — The initial idea was good, but they carried on way too long — weekend protest marches would have been sufficient.
D — The only thing they have accomplished is to make a lot of noise and cost the city a lot of money.
F — Inequality is not an injustice; it is a fact of life in a free society. Rise Up; Pick Up Thy Tent and Rejoice that You Live in a Land of Equal Opportunity.
F — Would or could not articulate its goals — only pointed out a problem — in addition the human megaphone was silly.
F — Wasted time and money and energy. Did not present their case effectively. Did not win over others who might have been sympathetic to the issues.
F — Each individual should have spent less time 'occupying' and more time looking for a job.

> > Check out the WGBH News Occupy report card.

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